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Corrosion Control

Issues with pipe corrosion? InduMar’s STOP IT® Gas Riser Rehabilitation Kit is the ideal corrosion prevention coating for residential & commercial gas meter applications. The Viscotaq® line of corrosion prevention coatings was developed by oil and gas and polymer engineering experts to be the ultimate solution for corrosion control.


Stop It® Gas Riser Rehabilitation Kit

The STOP IT® Gas Riser Rehabilitation Kit is intended to strengthen the structural integrity of the riser nipple, or riser casing on non-leaking 3/4” and 1” standard anodeless risers.

Viscotaq® ViscoPaste

The elasticity of the Viscotaq® ViscoPaste gives it the strength and feel of a solid yet always remains in a semi-solid state that provides high-impact strength and allows for a high resistance against sheering.

Viscotaq® ViscoWrap HT (High Temperature)

Viscotaq® ViscoWrap HT (High Temperature) can be used in applications with operating temperatures from +30 °C/84 °F up to 100 °C/212 °F.

Viscotaq® EZ Wrap

Viscotaq® EZ Wrap offers paintable backing, for pipe crossings, tank chimes and flange applications.

Viscotaq® ViscoSealant

Viscotaq® ViscoSealant offers unrivaled corrosion control and protection of substrates.

Viscotaq® OuterWrap PE

Viscotaq® OuterWrap PE is applied for the protection of the ViscoWrap.

Viscotaq® ViscoWrap

Viscotaq® ViscoWrap’s unique molecular chemistry is designed to maintain permanent wetting characteristics, forcing the material to flow into the pores and anomalies of the substrate.

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