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Viscotaq® OuterWraps

Protection for your Viscotaq® applications

Once you’ve protected your pipeline from corrosion with ViscoWrap and ViscoPaste protect it with the Viscotaq®Outerwrap.

This heavy-duty outer wrap provides mechanical protection to Viscotaq® applications, helping to avoid the damaging effects of backfilling and other stresses – so you only have to apply Viscowrap once, saving money and man hours later.

The elasticity of the product gives it the strength and feel of a solid yet always remains in a semi-solid state that provides high-impact strength and allows for high resistance against sheering.

When ordering ViscoWrap or ViscoPaste, don’t forget to order Outerwrap to protect the job.


  • UV- and weather-resistant
  • Can be applied within a temperature range of -30°F to 185°F
  • Has excellent mechanical strength
  • Available in different thicknesses


  • Start wrapping under sufficient tension
  • Apply with 50% overlap
  • Apply within application temperature
  • Can be applied by machine as well

protect corrosion prevention coating with Viscotaq® Outerwrap

Shelf Life: Two years from date of purchase when stored at 40° to 83°F (5° to 28°C)

Color: White or black

Tensile Strength: 24,950 PSI / in width/172 MPa (ASTM D 3039).

Flexural Strength: 12,005 psi/82.77 MPa (ASTM 790)

Durometer Hardness: 63 (Shore D) (ASTM D 2240)

Pressure Retaining Capability: Recommended for pressures up to 400 psi (28 kg/cm2)

Temperature Resistance: Continuous: -20° to 250°F (-29° to 121°C)

Intermittent: 250° to 500°F (121° to 260°C)

Set Time: 3 to 5 minutes at 50° to 80°F (10° to 27°C)

Cure Time: at 1/2″ thick (1.27 cm) – 30 minutes

Part No Description Case Quantity Case WT
V180 PE OuterWrap, 15mil, 2″x100′ ; (TX 9002-15) 24 25
V185 PE OuterWrap, 15mil, 4″x100′ ; (TX 9004-15) 12 25

Color: Black

Adhesion to backing: 0.56 kg/cm, 3.125 lbs per inch

Tensile strength: 8.93 kg/cm, 50 lbs/inch

Temperature range: Application: -34 to 71°C, -30 to 160°F

In Service: -45 to 85°C, -49 to 185°F

Elongation: 400%

UV Resistance: Excellent

Thickness Recommendation: < 16 inch pipe diameter: 15 mils OR > 16 inch pipe diameter: 20 mils

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