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Leak Sealing Products

Leak Sealing Products

Leak Sealing

Leak Sealing

Whether it’s a leaking pipe or punctured barrel, our Leak Repair & Spill Control products provide rapid response solutions to most leaks and a way to contain them. Everything in one box for maintenance and safety teams to quickly respond to most common leaks, cracks, and gashes in pipes, drums, and tanks.


Stop It® Pipe Repair System

The STOP IT® Pipe Repair System fixes cracks and leaks in all sorts of different pipes, it consists of a knitted, fiberglass tape coated with special urethane resins that are water-activated to change from a wet adhesive tape to a hard urethane plastic in 30 minutes.

Stop It® AP 125 - Adhesion Promoter

Our adhesion promoter is a two-part acrylic-based adhesive (1:1 ratio by volume) that can bond many low surface energy plastics, including many grades of polypropylene, polyethylene, and TPOs without special surface preparation.

Stop It® HP

STOP IT® HP is a High-Pressure epoxy leak sealant that will repair pipeline cracks and leaks and reinforces diminished pipe walls in minutes so that they can handle working pressures up to 2,000 psi and will exhibit maximum pressure performance after 24 hours of curing.

Stop It® Flat Patch

STOP IT® Flat Patch is a leak sealant designed for when a localized repair is needed, or full pipe wraps are impractical. Sealant mixing takes seconds and can be immediately applied to the reinforcement tape. The wetted tape possesses a working time of approximately 8-10 minutes.

Stop It® Pipe Repair Clamp

STOP IT® Pipe Repair Clamp conforms to most irregular surfaces and control most pressures with simple hand-tightening. The polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gasket on these stainless-steel clamps provides extraordinary chemical resistance and works in temperatures ranging from -450°F to +650°F.

Stop It® Patch Clamp

Fast, economical patch clamps repair pin holes, punctures or splits in steel pipe. Widely used in industrial plumbing, water/wastewater, gas and irrigation markets.

First Response Repair Kit

InduMar provides an emergency repair kit that can plug holes until major repairs can be made. This kit keeps you and your company safe even when pipes, tanks or drums let you down, saving time and money.

Emergency Leak Control Kits D & AE

Universal kits are designed to plug hazardous material leaks in any type of low-pressure vessel. The kits contain everything needed to respond to leaks in tanks and drums.

Pipe Leak Control Kits C2 & C3

Designed to quickly respond to leaks in straight runs of piping. Simply snap the clamp around the pipe, drop bolt head through open-slotted lug, and tighten nuts. Versatile clamps respond to water, wastewater, fuel, chemical, air and gas leaks.

Pipe Plugger Kit C-1

Quickly plugs open-ended pipes, allowing you to instantly plug knocked-off pipes carrying water, fuel, chemicals and gas. Great for knocked-off gas meters and tank truck discharge valves.

Roll-Over Kit F

Covers a large hole, crack, or gash in a large vessel or tank with a patch that conforms to the curvature of the vessel. The patch uses a variety of T-bolts to support itself directly to the hole. The leak is then sealed by tightening the compression bolts around the frame, conforming the patch to the vessel.


SpillCorral™ quickly and easily addresses leaks and spills by providing a durable yet flexible floor barrier designed to contain fluids.

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