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Stop It® CR-U

STOP IT® Custom Repair – Urethane System (CR-U)

When mechanical systems shut down, so does production.

STOP IT® CR-U is a low-cost, customized composite system to repair and reinforce mechanical systems, structures and piping. Furnished factory-impregnated with our proprietary urethane resin, it’s odorless, non-flammable, ready to apply, and cures by way of a chemical reaction with water.

Engineered for your specific situation, STOP IT® CR-U cures in wet conditions and underwater, can be applied over a wide temperature range and is heat-resistant to 250°F.

  • Uses a water-activated polyurethane resin.
  • Ready to apply, right out of the bag, so there’s no messy setup or complex mixtures.
  • Cures by way of a chemical reaction with field-applied water.
  • When cured, it’s a durable, high-strength material that’s impervious to fuels, most chemicals, and solvents.
  • It permanently bonds to a variety of surfaces, including metals, composites, concrete, plastics, and wood.
  • Available in several E-glass and carbon fabrics to satisfy a wide variety of application situations, so you get the repair solution that fits your situation.
  • The unique urethane resin system has been tested to and meets the requirements of the ASME PCC-2 composite piping reinforcement standard.
  • Furnished resin-wetted and uncured, in rolls, STOP IT® CR-U ships to the field inside hermetically sealed metalized pouches. To use the product, just tear open the pouch and start wrapping or laying up onto the surface to be repaired or encapsulated.
  • Initial hardening happens in about an hour, with substantial strength increase over the next few hours.
CR-U Custom Urethane Systems for Pipe Repair
custom pipe repair with Stop It® CR-U
repair and reinforce mechanical systems with Stop It® CR-U
custom mechanical system repair with Stop It® CR-U
Custom Repair – Water-activated Urethane System - CR-U
Stop It® CR-U custom urethane system repair solution works to repair mechanical systems

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg): 288°F

Cure Time: 30 minutes nominal, after water application

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to acetone, MEK, toluene, gasoline, ethyl alcohol and many others.

CR-U Adhesion: 1,000 psi (lap shear) to abraded carbon steel, using PA1 Primer/Adhesive

Heat Distortion Temperature: >325°F

Part No Description Case Quantity Case WT
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Product Reinforcement CR-U3
Woven Bi-Axial Glass
Woven Bi-Axial Glass
Knitted Glass
Bi-Axial Carbon
Cured wrap thickness (mils) 16 28.5 38 30
Tensile strength warp direction (ksi) 60,900 45,500 31,555 76,189
Tensile strength fill direction (psi) 32,429 45,500 31,555 61,663
Tensile modulus warp direction (msi) 3.01 2.28 1.98 4.56
Tensile modulus fill direction (msi) 2.16 2.28 1.98 4.50
Long term tensile load per ply (lbs/in) 465 600 623 1665

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