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  • The STOP IT® PSX Repair System derives its high pressure capabilities from the use of a field-mixed, two-part epoxy primary sealant and a fiberglass/urethane composite overwrap.

    STOP IT® PSX can be installed by one person with no special tools or hot work, and provides for the completion of in-field repairs and return to service in a total of 4 hours.
    Following the cleaning and preparation of the surface, repairs involve the application of a thin film of epoxy sealant from the supplied cartridge gun. Precise mixing is accomplished with the use of a static mixer that is attached to the gun.  Once hardened (approximately 1 hr), the sealant is overwrapped with a fi berglass tape impregnated with water-activated polyurethane resins. Systems may be returned to service at pressures up to 2500 psi as soon as 4 hours following the application of the epoxy.

    Stop It® PSX can be used almost anywhere – including underwater and in chemical and military facilities – to repair chemical, steam, process and water lines.

    STOP IT® PSX Is Ideally Suited For:
         • Routine and emergency high pressure leak repair
         • Sealing joints
         • Rebuilding thinning wall in high pressure piping
         • Repairs in hard to reach areas
         • Underwater repairs
         • Large scale defects (Voids up to 1.0” od repaired to 500 psi)


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    Stop It® is a registered trademark of InduMar Products, Inc.

When the repair of a high pressure process line or pipeline component requires a rapid response,the STOP IT® PSX Repair System provides a reliable and cost effective alternative to replacement/repair procedures requiring hot work. Systems can be brought back online in as little as 4 hours!







Technical Information

     • PSX epoxy sealant
     • 1:1 dual component cartridge with
        static mixing nozzles
     • Knitted fiberglass tape with water-activated
       polyurethane resins
     • Gloves for easy clean-up
     • Detailed instructions

Stop It® PSX Repair System Data Sheets

Chemical Resistance
No visible changes in Stop It® after an immersion term of 35 days in the following chemicals:

Acetic Anhydride Ammonia
Ammonium Hydroxide (10%)
Decyl Ammonium Chloride
Diesel Fuel
Diethyl Ether
Ethyl Acetate
Ethyl Ether
Ethylene Glycol

Hydrochloric Acid (10%)
Lube Oil
4-Methyl 2-Pentanone
Mineral Spirits
Sodium Hydroxide (50%)
Sulfuric Acid (10%)
Sulfuric Acid (25%)
Xylenes, Mixed o-, m- and p

Potable Water
Stop It® is accepted for use on potable water lines by the WRC (UK). The Fix Stix Epoxy included with each kit is NSF-certified.

Safety Features
Even under extreme pressures, the Stop It® Pipe Repair Tape will not shatter or crack. Stop It® releases pressures slowly.

When tested to the failing point in laboratory conditions, failure was indicated by a reduction in line pressure and seepage.

Physical Properties

Shelf Life: Two years from date of purchase when stored at 40° to 83°F (5° to 28°C)
Color: White or black
Tensile Strength: 24,950 PSI / in width/172 MPa

(ASTM D 3039).

Flexural Strength: 12,005 psi/82.77 MPa (ASTM 790)
Durometer Hardness: 63 (Shore D) (ASTM D 2240)
Pressure Retaining Capability: Recommended for pressures up to 400 psi (28 kg/cm2)
Temperature Resistance: Continuous: -20° to 250°F (-29° to 121°C)
Intermittent: 250° to 500°F (121° to 260°C)
Set Time: 3 to 5 minutes at 50° to 80°F (10° to 27°C)
Cure Time: at 1/2" thick (1.27 cm) - 30 minutes