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Load Transfer Filler 5 (LTF5)

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Load Transfer Filler 5 (LTF5)

The Load Transfer Filler Compound (LTF5) is a fast setting, no VOC, /high compression strength epoxy composite designed for filling and sealing pipe surface defects and voids. The LTF5 Compound is field-mixed, steel- and ceramic-filled, two-part epoxy supplied in pre-measured quantities. The cured compound exhibits superior mechanical properties and high adhesion to both ferrous and nonferrous pipe materials, including fiberglass and PVC.

Engineered for your specific situation and cures in wet conditions and underwater, can be applied over a wide temperature range and is heat-resistant to 250°F


Supplied in 170 gram kits; parts A and B packaged separately. Available in kits including spatula, mixing board and gloves

How It Works

The epoxy composite can be used as a primary pressure sealing component when additional backing (overwrap) is installed. The high compressive and flexural strengths and high hardness enable load transfer in multiple component repairs.

Pot Life: 5 minutes at 68°F (20°C)

Recoat Time: 20 minutes

Full Mechanical Strength: 30 minutes

Full Chemical Resistance: 3 hours

Tensile Shear Adhesion: 2,550 psi

Compressive Strength: 15,693 psi (ASTM D 685)

Flexural Yield Strength: 7,000 psi (ASTM 790)

Barcol Hardness: 85 (ASTM D 785)

Pressure Retention: 400 psi for leaks less than 0.125” od with STOP IT® overwrap. 500 psi for voids up to 1.0” od (with internal supporting screen and composite overwrap).

Temperature/Heat Resistance: From -20°F up to 250°F (-29°C to 121ºC) – continuous. Wet exposures 140°F; spill/splash 212°F.

Multilayer Build-Up: Multiple layers can be coated within the recoat window to achieve greater thickness. If additional coats are to be applied outside of this window, coating surfaces should be roughened before application of subsequent layers.

Part No Description Case Quantity Case WT 
LTF5 Load Transfer Filler 5 (LTF5) 10 5
LTF5K Load Transfer Filler 5 (LTF5) Kit 1 1

Application temperature: 50°F to 140°F (10°C to 60°C)

Theoretical Coverage: (@0.125” thickness) ~ 50in2/170 g kit

Storage Temperature: 0°F to 100°F (4°C to 43°C)

Shelf life: Part A: 24 months at 75°F (24°C). Part B: 12 months at 75°F (24°C)

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