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When it comes to leaking pipelines, time is money. InduMar's problem-solving solutions for industry™ keep you up and running quickly and safely.

Why InduMar Products?

  Whether it’s halted production or a closed facility, a pipe leak can be a costly and sometimes dangerous problem

For an emergency, a planned rehabilitation or a new project, InduMar is here to help you with your pipeline repair, remediation and corrosion control needs.

Our Team
Our Team is Your Team and we're here to help solve problems and shorten downtime and loss of production caused by pipe integrity and corrosion issues.
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Company History
Since 1986, InduMar Products (short for Industrial Marine) has provided innovative solutions for pipe repair, infrastructure rehabilitation, and corrosion control. Our Stop It® line of pipe repair products provide superior leak sealing capabilities for the most common pipe leak problems. Our Custom Repair Solutions combine proprietary resins with other products to resolve more extreme problems. Viscotaq’s unique corrosion control properties top off the list of products that help us stand out in the market.
InduMar Products
InduMar Products has been helping companies repair pipe and fitting leaks and get back online, quickly and safely for 30 years. As leaders in the field of leak repair, we offer the products and services you need.


We use Viscotaq products on our stainless steel welded pipe down in the ground. It’s a good product. It’s not coming off – I know that for sure. It adheres very well.
Jesse Moran, project manager for TruStar Energy
Thanks for providing a quick and economical fix for leaks that do not lend themselves to clamps. Provides time until system shutdown allows replacement to be made.
A major refinery in Mississippi
InduMar had a much better price and a unique product that would work, not to mention the ease of application of the Viscotaq® product. We used Viscotaq® on 13 tank chimes to provide a moisture barrier and seal off the tank bottoms. Their product sold itself.
Douglas Reno, Sekisui Specialty Chemicals
Pipe was broken by a backhoe and we repaired it to keep moisture from getting in the wires. It worked very well.
A county school district in Florida
I've never had much faith in ‘patch it’ type repairs, but to avoid long downtimes at our dorms we tried your product with success. We have used this product five or six times and saved hours in downtimes. Thanks.
A major university in Maryland
I work tour maintenance. We do emergency maintenance. We have to get things back up and running. Works great on emergency repairs and can be put back in service until shut down to make permanent repairs later on. Thank You!
A major U.S. pulp and paper plant
So far, I’ve used your product several different times on various types of chemicals, air lines, and natural gas lines, and all with excellent results. I am a strong believer in your product and have recommended it to different people
A customer in St. Albans, West Virginia
The product works very well, it is very easy to use and is very effective on any size pipe. It works well on different types of pipe also. Hats off to your product.
A power generator in Florida
Compared to most adhesive and epoxy products, Stop It® is much easier to use because there is no mixing involved. After using water to activate the resins, wrap the fiberglass material around the leak site and polish until it forms a smooth, hard cap. The key is to quickly apply the roll by pulling it tight around the leak.
Plant Equipment and Services
Don’t leave port without it.
Ballast Line Leaks, Florida

More About InduMar

InduMar Products has been helping companies get back online quickly and safely since 1986. We provide solutions to refineries, chemical plants, power plants, pulp and paper mills, water and wastewater treatment facilities, food processors and marine and mining markets worldwide.

Our solutions include a variety of composite, mechanical and visco-elastic products that have been developed based on decades of expertise in leak sealing, pipe remediation and corrosion control.

They're solutions designed for use where lines cannot be shutdown, have large diameters and outlets, operate in high or severely fluctuating pressure, have exceptional line content, are non-standard pipe sizes or have contours, and have other unusual parameters that require attention.