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Mechanical Reinforcement Products

Mechanical Reinforcement

Mechanical Reinforcement

Mechanical Systems are vital to production. Our products are customized to repair and reinforce your mechanical systems, structures and piping. Our proprietary urethane resin is odorless, non-flammable, ready to apply, and cures by way of a chemical reaction with water, engineered for your specific situation. Our products are durable, high-strength material that are impervious to fuels, most chemicals and solvents. So you can get the repair solution that fits your situation.


XCorr® Composite Repair Kit

XCorr® Composites employ a filled, novolac epoxy resin paired with a non-crimp, high-strength quadraxial fiberglass weave to provide superior mechanical reinforcement and chemical resistance.

Load Transfer Filler 5 (LTF5)

The Load Transfer Filler Compound (LTF5) is a fast setting, no VOC, high compression strength epoxy composite designed for filling and sealing pipe surface defects and voids.

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