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Leak Sealing

Our Stop It® line of pipe repair products provides superior leak sealing capabilities for the most common pipe leak problems.

Whether it’s a leaking pipe or punctured barrel, our Leak Repair & Spill Control products provide rapid response solutions to most leaks and a way to contain them. Everything in one box for maintenance and safety teams to quickly respond to most common leaks, cracks, and gashes in pipes, drums, and tanks.

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First Response Leak Repair Kit


Stop It® Adhesion Promoter 125

Stop It® Patch Clamps

Stop It® Pipe Repair Clamp

Stop It® Pipe Repair System

Universal Series – Kits AE & D

XCorr® Flat Patch

Mechanical Reinforcement

When mechanical systems shut down, so does the production. Our systems repair and reinforce mechanical systems, structures, and piping.

Mechanical Systems are vital to production. Our products are customized to repair and reinforce your mechanical systems, structures and piping. Our proprietary urethane resin is odorless, non-flammable, ready to apply, and cures by way of a chemical reaction with water, engineered for your specific situation. Our products are durable, high-strength material that are impervious to fuels, most chemicals and solvents. So you can get the repair solution that fits your situation.

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Load Transfer Filler 5 (LTF5)

Stop It® CR-E

Stop It® CR-U

XCorr Composite Repair Kit

Wear Resistance

Regardless of weather conditions, pipe orientation, or local geometries, our wear resistant tape has superior resistance to environmental degradation.

Off-the-shelf solutions may not work when you’re dealing with a thin, cracked or fractured pipe wall and equipment surfaces. Sometimes, you need something tailored for your unique situation. We offer excellent abrasion and impact resistance products with strong adhesion to surfaces that provides superior resistance to environmental degradation.

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Stop It® BoreShield™

BoreShield™ ARO I

BoreShield™ ARO II

Chemical Resistance

Our repair systems work on chemical, steam, process, water lines, underwater and in chemical and military facilities. Works for hydrocarbons, mineral oil, lubricants, and more.

Our products are made for chemical resistance with a solvent-free adhesive system. Our staff can customize a resin for any type of application that your project needs. Custom formulations give our product exceptional properties of flexibility, adhesion, toughness, chemical resistance, thermal resistance, vibration and more. Special grades are available to handle your special situations.

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Fusion Tape

Stop It® PSX System

XCorr Composite Repair Kit

Corrosion Control

Our riser reinforcement and protection products will re-strengthen the corroded pipe and protect from future corrosion. Our products do not crack, are easy to install with no tools.

Issues with pipe corrosion? InduMar’s STOP IT® Gas Riser Rehabilitation Kit is the ideal corrosion prevention coating for residential & commercial gas meter applications. The Viscotaq® line of corrosion prevention coatings was developed by oil and gas and polymer engineering experts to be the ultimate solution for corrosion control.

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Stop It® Gas Riser Rehabilitation Kit

VISCOTAQ Repair Products

Viscotaq® Tank Chime Sealing System

XCorr Composite Repair Kit

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