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Stop It® Pipe Repair System

Stop It® Patch Clamp

Leak Sealing Products

Stop It® Patch Clamp

Clamp down on pipe leaks in highly corrosive and extreme-temperature environments.

Pipes leak in all kinds of environments. And STOP IT® Specialty Clamps work in the same kinds of environments.

Our line of PTFE-lined stainless steel patch clamps provide extraordinary chemical resistance and work in temperatures ranging from -450°F to +650°F so you can place it and forget about it.

Extreme temperate pipe clamp

Available in nominal steel pipe sizes from 1 /2″ to 12″

Stainless Steel 18-8 Type 304 Band

Gridded neoprene gasket.

Plated drop-in bolts.

Part No Description Case Quantity Case WT
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(also available) Chemically Resistant PTFE-lined Patch Clamps with the following properties:

1/8″ gasket expanded PTFE gasket material will not contaminate or discolor pipe contents

Temperature range: -450F to +600F

Max pressure 150 psi: pH range 0-14 except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine

% compressibility (ASTM F -36): 68%, recovery 12%

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