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Stop It® Pipe Repair Clamp

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Stop It® Pipe Repair Clamp

While our specialty is providing composite-based solutions for pipe leaks and remediation, our product line also features universal clamp couplings, bolted couplings, flanged adapters, service saddles, tapping sleeves, expansion joints and others.

The STOP IT® Pipe Repair Clamp conforms to most irregular surfaces and controls most pressures with simple hand-tightening – a simple solution for not-so-simple situations.

The polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gasket on these stainless steel clamps provides extraordinary chemical resistance and works in temperatures ranging from -450°F to +650°F so you can place it and forget about it. The clamps can also be combined to fit pipes with larger diameters.

STOP IT® is a registered trademark of InduMar Products, Inc.


Adjustable PTFE Pipe Repair Clamp

Adjustment Range: 6” (15.2 cm) down to ½” (1.2 cm)

Materials: Band and housing made of corrosion resistant 301 CRES. Heat-treated alloy screw and nut are cadmium.

Temperature range: -450°F to 600°F (-268°C to 316°C)

Octagon Size: 1” (2.54 cm)

PTFE Thickness: 1/8” (0.31750 cm)

Pressure Retention: Approximately 300 PSI when tightened with a hand tool. (Note: Make sure that pipe is in proper condition before applying any type of clamp.)

Inert to all Chemicals: Only molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine will affect this material.

Part No Description Case Quantity Case WT
25267 PTFE Faced Clamp 10 2

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