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Stop It® Pipe Repair System


Corrosion Control Products


The StopCorr™ line of polymeric products has been developed to provide an easily installed and cost effective path to arresting surface corrosion and eliminating environmental degradation.

The StopCorr line of products is based on a cold applied, viscoelastic polyolefinic material and is used to control corrosion of metal and concrete surfaces. The polymeric material is available in several physical forms within the StopCorr line. Regardless of form, the polymeric material acts as an adhesive coating to completely encapsulate and protect structures such as pipelines, valves, and fittings. The viscoelastic nature of the polymer coating allows the product to flow into and fill pores and surface defects. This viscoelastic character also allows for self-healing of coating defects and/or small areas of damage.

StopCorr Corrosion Control Products

StopCorr Product Line

StopCorr Wrap is a peel and stick tape available in rolls of 33′ length and a variety of widths (see Product Sizes below). The wrap is available in standard (-42 to 71°C) or high temperature (HT) (-35 to 100°C) formulations. The wrap can also be supplied in an antimicrobial formulation to inhibit bacterial growth on the surface of the wrap.

StopCorr Wrap-P is strengthened by a fiber mesh that is embedded in the middle of the same polyolefin and is backed with a polyester non-woven fiber top layer that allows for immediate painting or coating after installation.

StopCorr Paste employs the same formulation as the wrap, but in paste form. It is well suited for use on complex geometries such as fittings and flanges.

StopCorr Seal, supplied in caulk tubes, is based on a formulation similar to the wrap and can be used to create a waterproof seal and corrosion resistant barrier at ring wall tanks and cable/pipe penetrations.

PE Wrap is a heavy weight polyethylene tape provided in roll form and is applied over StopCorr to provide mechanical protection.

StopCorr Qualities

  • Complies with NACE SP0109 and ISO 21809-3
  • Viscoelastic character promotes complete filling of pores and surface voids
  • Works to self-heal small coating defects
  • Strong adhesion prevents cathodic disbonding
  • Withstands direct UV exposure
  • Long term environmental stability with respect to dimensional change, hardening, or chemical degradation.
  • Antimicrobial formulations restrict bacterial growth, protecting both coating and substrate

StopCorr Benefits

  • Simple and quick installation
  • Requires no special tools
  • Avoids costly shut downs, relights, or pipe replacement
  • Completely conforms to all geometries and shapes
  • Seals pipes from future environmental exposure
  • Novel and impressive bond to metal and concrete structures

Product Sizes

StopCorr Wrap
2″ (5cm) x 33′ (10m) – 12 rolls/case
4″ (10cm) x 33′ (10m) – 6 rolls/case
6″ (15cm) x 33′ (10m) – 4 rolls/case
8″ (20cm) x 33′ (10m) – 4 rolls/case
12″ (30cm) x 33′ (10m) – 2 rolls/case
– Available in standard and high temperature (HT) formulations. Both temperature versions are available with an antimicrobial.

StopCorr Wrap-P (Paintable)
4″ (10cm) x 24′ (7.3m) – 8 rolls/case
6″ (15cm) x 24′ (7.3m) – 4 rolls/case
– Only available in a standard temperature formulation without antimicrobial.

StopCorr Paste
1.25″ x 1.5″ x 10′ (3cm x 3.8cm x 3m) – 5 rolls/case
– Available with and without an antimicrobial formulation.

StopCorr Seal
30 oz (1L) – 12 units/case

PE Wrap
2″(5cm) x 100′(30.5m)
4″(10cm) x 100′(30.5m)

StopCorr Wrap
PE Wrap

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Color: Gray

Thickness: 80±8 mil

Specific Gravity: 1.25 – 1.40

Water Vapor Transmission: 0 permeability (ng•m-1•s-1•Pa-1)

Thermal Aging Resistance: 0.317 N/mm (23°C)
0.048 N/mm (70°C)

Glass Transition by DSC: -49.2 °C

Impact Strength: 15 J

Indentation Resistance: No Holiday

Cathodic Disbondment: 0 mm, Self-Healing

Specific Electrical Insulation Resistance: 1.66 x 106 Ohms.m2

Dielectric Strength: 11 KV/mm

Adhesion Peel: 2.013 lbf/in

Peel Strength: 0.338 N/mm (23°C), 0.219 N/mm (70°C)

Tensile Stress at Break: 59.2 N/cm2

Tensile Strain at Break: 338%

Wet Adhesion: Rating 1 (24 hrs @ 75°C)*
*The coating cannot be cleanly removed.
CSA Z245-20-06 Sec 12.14

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