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Stop It® AP 125 – Adhesion Promoter

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Stop It® AP 125 - Adhesion Promoter

Better adhesion for plastic and fiberglass pipes.

Our adhesion promoter is a two-part acrylic-based adhesive (1:1 ratio by volume) that can bond many low surface energy plastics, including many grades of polypropylene, polyethylene, and TPOs without special surface preparation.

It enhances the bond between STOP IT® resin and plastic or fiberglass pipes and will be required for applications involving these substrates.


  • Ability to bond dissimilar substrates
  • Ability to structurally bond polyolefins
  • Room temperature cure
  • Excellent water and humidity resistance
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • One-step Process – no pre-treatment of the polyolefin substrates needed
  • Solvent-free adhesive system
  • Convenient hand-held applicator system
  • Available in Bulk


  • One-person application
  • Minimum surface preparation
  • Short cure time
  • Fully compatible with STOP IT® PIPE Repair System

AP125 Adhesion Promoter for PVC and Fiberglass Pipes
Part No Description Case Quantity Case WT
AP125050K AP125 50 mL Kit 1 1
AP125400K AP125 400 mL Kit 1 2
Stop It® AP 125 – Dispenser Gun Sold Separately
DG050M Dispenser Gun – Dual Component, Manual, 50 mL 1 1
DG400M Dispenser Gun – Dual Component, Manual, 400 mL 1 5

Shelf Life: 12 months when stored @ 55ºF to 75°F (12°C to 24°C)

Physical Form: Two-part, solvent-free resin system

Mixing Ratio: 1:1

Working Time: 6–8 minutes

Mixed Viscosity: 50,000 cps

Application Thickness: <0.02”

Coverage: Each 50 mL cartridge coats 250 in² at the recommended thickness; 400 mL cartridge coats ~2000 in²

Water Resistance: High

Chemical Resistance: Very Good

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