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Stop It® Pipe Repair System

First Response Repair Kit

Leak Sealing Products

First Response Repair Kit

Emergency leak control solutions for emergency situations.

When a pipe, tank or drum springs a leak, time is of the essence. That’s especially true if it contains hazardous product.

Major repairs can take considerable time. Fortunately, InduMar provides an emergency repair kit that can plug the holes until major repairs can be made. This kit keeps you and your company safe even when pipes, tanks or drums let you down.


Everything in one box for maintenance and safety teams to quickly respond to most common leaks, cracks, and gashes in pipes, drums and tanks.

Kit Includes

Each kit includes a small, medium and large size of the STOP IT® Pipe Repair System, five Fix Stix® Epoxy, 18 assorted wooden plugs, rubber hammer, two Plug-N-Dike Plug Rugs, three Plug Patties, lead wool filler pack, hot/cold hose repair tape.

How It Works

Universal kits are designed to plug hazardous material leaks in any type of low-pressure vessel.


While STOP IT® can be used on straight runs of pipe, its conformability makes it especially useful for repairing leaks at bends, crosses, tees, or any other location.

First Response Emergency Pipe Repair Kits
Part No Description Case Quantity Case WT (lbs)
63050 STOP IT® First Response Kit 1 16

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