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Leak Sealing Products

Chemical Resistance Products

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance

Our products are made for chemical resistance with a solvent-free adhesive system. Our staff can customize a resin for any type of application that your project needs. Custom formulations give our product exceptional properties of flexibility, adhesion, toughness, chemical resistance, thermal resistance, vibration and more. Special grades are available to handle your special situations.


XCorr® Composite Repair Kit

XCorr® Composites employ a filled, novolac epoxy resin paired with a non-crimp, high-strength quadraxial fiberglass weave to provide superior mechanical reinforcement and chemical resistance.

XCorr® SA

XCorr® SA provides a composite repair solution specifically for sulfuric acid piping. A two-part novolac epoxy is paired with with fiberglass reinforcements to create an acid resistant pipe wrap able to seal leaks and withstand high internal pressure.


FIX STIX® epoxy is a hand-moldable, industrial-strength, steel-reinforced epoxy that plugs leaks, fills holes and cracks – and that will bond and repair anything made from steel.

Stop It® PSX System

The STOP IT® PSX Repair System derives its high-pressure capabilities from the use of a field-mixed, two-part epoxy primary sealant and a fiberglass/urethane composite overwrap.

Fusion Tape™

Fusion Tape™ won’t crack or separate with sudden shock, vibration, expansion or contraction, making it an easy, secure long-term solution to tears and rips in wires, pipes and hoses.

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