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Wear Resistant Compound (WRC)

Wear Resistance Products

Wear Resistant Compound (WRC)

Wear Resistant Compound (WRC) is a carbide filled, fast setting, no VOC, high hardness epoxy composite coating designed for localized repair of components operating in highly abrasive environments.

WRC is available in two formulations differing only in working/cure time, enabling applications across a range of temperatures. For example, higher application temperatures require a longer inherent working time. The two formulations are designated as WRC15 and WRC30. Working/cure times of the two formulations are compared within the Physical Properties section.

The WRC compound is a field-mixed, ceramic-filled, two-part epoxy supplied in pre-measured quantities. The cured compound exhibits superior mechanical properties with exceptional stability in abrasive environments. The epoxy composite can be used to rebuild, patch, reinforce and return to service damaged chutes, hoppers, conveyors, mixing devices, housings, tanks, and pipes. The filled compound resists abrasion from both large and small particles for a wide range of loads and speeds.

Supplied in 6 lb (2.72 kg) kits; parts A and B pre-measured and packaged separately. Available in kits including spatula and gloves.

  • 99–100% solids, No VOCs
  • Paste consistency
  • Fast cure (15 min pot life) at room temperature
  • No shrinkage upon cure
  • High bond strength
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Self-priming
  • 1:1 by weight mixing ratio (pre-measured)

Wear Resistant Compound by InduMar Systems, LP
Wear Resistant Compound by InduMar Systems, LP

WRC Properties

Adhesion ASTM D-4541, Dry
-Blasted Steel 1 ct.
>2,800 psi
Flash Point ASTM D 1310 Greater than 200ºF
Tabor Abrasion ASTM D 4060
1000 cycles, H-22
wheels, 1 kg load
80 mg
333 cycles per mil
Coefficient of
Thermal Expansion
1.1 x 10-6/ ºF
Thermal Stability Weight loss after 48
hours at 300ºF
0.0003 grams
Specific Gravity Part A: 2.07 Part B: 2.25
VOC 0 grams/liter
Density 18.3 lb/gal
2.2 kg/liter
Dry Service 250ºF (121ºC)
Splash/Spill 200ºF (93ºC)
Immersion Service* 150ºF (65.5ºC)

*Immersion in solvent, mineral acids, or alkaline, or if over 150ºF, contact factory.

Working/Cure Times


Temperature Working Time Dry to Touch
Time to
80 Shore D
41ºF (5ºC) N/A 2 hours 24 hours 7 hours
50ºF (10ºC) 20 min. 1.5 hours 12 hours 5 hours
77ºF (25ºC) 15 min. 35 min. 2 hours 3 hours


Temperature Working Time Dry to Touch
Time to
80 Shore D
41ºF (5ºC) 1.5 hours 3 hours 7 days 35 hours
50ºF (10ºC) 1 hour 2.5 hours 48 hours 24 hours
77ºF (25ºC) 40 min. 75 min. 24 hours 7 hours
Part No Description Case Quantity Case WT
** Contact InduMar

Shelf Life: Part A: 24 months at 75°F (24°C). Part B: 12 months at 75°F (24°C)

Storage Temperature: 40–100°F (4-43°C)

Application Temperature: 50–140°F (10–60°C)

Theoretical Coverage: (@ 0.187” thickness) ~1.8 ft2/6 lb kit

Surface Preparation: SP 3 and SP 6 are acceptable cleaning methods for mild environments.
SP 10 preparation is desired for immersed applications.

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