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Stop It® Pipe Repair System

Norab has been providing InduMar products to Aberdeen and north east Scotland since 1986 to repair and reinforce industrial and domestic metal or plastic pipes in virtually any situation, even underwater. InduMar Products, Inc. purchased certain assets of NORAB from Mr. Billy Dick in November 2015. InduMar’s products are effective at repairing broken pipes, restoring product flow and profit flow in minutes and can also prevent environmental contamination.

Explore the product categories below to find products to fit your application and repair need.

Leak Sealing

Whether it’s a leaking pipe or punctured barrel, our Leak Repair & Spill Control products provide rapid response solutions to most leaks and a way to contain them. Everything in one box for maintenance and safety teams to quickly respond to most common leaks, cracks, and gashes in pipes, drums, and tanks.


Stop It® Pipe Repair System

Stop It® Pipe Repair Clamp

Emergency Leak Control Kits AE & D

Chemical Resistance

Our products are made for chemical resistance with a solvent-free adhesive system. Our staff can customize a resin for any type of application that your project needs. Custom formulations give our product exceptional properties of flexibility, adhesion, toughness, chemical resistance, thermal resistance, vibration and more. Special grades are available to handle your special situations.



Fusion Tape™

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