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When high-pressure pipes leak, the seepage can affect the environment, production and your company’s bottom line. Fixing it quickly and securely is a must – and reinforcing the pipe walls so that it never gets to that point can save the facility significant time and money later.

With Stop It® HPTM epoxy leak sealant, you can repair pipeline cracks and leaks and reinforce diminished pipe walls in minutes so that they can handle working pressures up to 2,000 psi. In as little as four hours, operations can be resumed, and Stop It® HPTM exhibits maximum pressure performance after 24 hours of curing.

It’s the durable solution that’s trusted to repair a damaged methane gas line in the inhospitable Dakar, Africa desert. After the fiberglass pipeline was damaged by a motorized grader, Fortesa International used Stop It® HP to cover 11 feet of the tube, sealing the five-foot hole and the non-visible damage from fracturing.

  • Surface preparation consists of removing any loose scale and lubricants or greases. The system should be relieved of all pressure until the product is fully applied and cured. Application surfaces should be dried prior to application and warmed if the pipe surface is less than 50°F or cooled if greater than 100°F.
  • Application entails mixing a pre-measured two-part sealant, wetting a fibrous reinforcement tape, and wrapping the tape onto the pipe surface. Applications can be made regardless of pipe orientation.
  • Sealant mixing takes seconds and can be immediately applied to the reinforcement tape. The wetted tape possesses a working time of approximately 8-10 minutes. The exact application time will depend on the specific conditions under which Stop It® HP is being applied.


Stop It® is a registered trademark of InduMar Products, Inc.

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Technical Information

Stop It® HPTM has been subjected to intensive testing and complies with US DOT 49CFR
parts 192 and 195, and ASME PCC-2 article 4.1.

Stop It® HP™ Data Sheets 

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Physical Properties

Sealant Shelf Life:
Six months from date of purchase when stored at 40° to 83°F (5° to 28°C)

Component 1 - clear
Component 2 - straw
Fiber - yellow (other options available)

Mixing Ratio:
As supplied, dual cartridge dispenser

Pot Life:
8-10 minutes at 72°F (22°C), after mixing for films less than ½” thick

Sealant Viscosity:
Gel-like before cure

StopIt HP™ Composite Application
Recommended for pressures up to 2,000 psi (140 kg/cm2)
Maximum Operating temperature 135°F/57°C; 175°/80°C when annealed: ~4 hour at 72°F (22°C) at 1/8” thickness