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The Viscotaq® line of corrosion-prevention coatings was developed with leading oil and gas and polymer engineering companies to be the ultimate solution for corrosion control – a solution that keeps your infrastructure corrosion free for up to 40 years.

The unique chemistry of Viscotaq® gives it permanent wetting characteristics, allowing the material to flow into the pores and anomalies of the substrate. Its viscous elasticity gives it the strength and feel of a solid but the characteristics of a liquid – it won’t crack like a solid or run or sag like a liquid. Rather, it remains in a semi-solid state that provides high-impact strength and high resistance against sheering.

Viscotaq® products stop corrosion in its tracks, and as the pipe shrinks or expands, it will conform to the pipe changes without cracking.

ViscoWrap-ST is a non-shielding coating wrap that can be applied without primers, forming a homologue layer after application. It doesn’t show sliding, dripping or thickness changes since it’s a solid with a true melting point of around 150ºF.

Use ViscoWrap-HT for higher temperatures up to 100ºC / 212ºF.

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Viscotaq® Application and Product Data sheets
ViscoWrap-ST Data Sheets
ViscoWrap-HT Data Sheets

Viscotaq® is a registered trademark of J. van Beugen Beheer b.v.


  • Soil to air transitions
  • Encapsulations of asbestos pipe, lead base paints, etc.
  • Tank chimes
  • Flange and valve protection
  • River crossings
  • Water proofing
  • Prefab joints
  • Roof seams, penetrations, cracks
  • Manholes
  • Industrial applications


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Don't forget a Viscotaq® Outerwrap to protect the Viscowrap

"InduMar had a much better price and a unique product that would work, not to mention the ease of application of the Viscotaq® product. We used Viscotaq® on 13 tank chimes to provide a moisture barrier and seal off the tank bottoms. Their product sold itself."

– Douglas Reno, maintenance and reliability manager at Sekisui Specialty Chemicals America’s polyvinyl alcohol plant in Pasadena, Texas.


Technical Information





Glass transition temperature

-35ºC/-31ºF DSC

ASTM E1356-08

Material state



Melting point

>+150ºC/302ºF DSC

ASTM E1356-08

Yield point



Dripping behavior (+100 ºC)

No visual dripping (1000 hrs)


Water vapor permeability

<0.0050 g/m2/24mmHg

ASTM D1653-03

Water absorption


ASTM D570-98

Water penetration

<0.14%, 1800 hrs,6V, 3% NaCl

ASTM G9-87

Dissipation Factor

0.135, 1500 hrs, 20 KHZ

ASTM G9-98

Pore Resistance

> 109, 1500 hrs, RI/RO 1-1.4

ASTM G1, G3, G5, G10, G19


36 Shore A

ASTM D2240-04

Impact Strength

>15 J (self healing)

EN 12068

Impact Strength

13.6 J (system intact)

CSA Z245.20-12.12

Peel resistance 20ºC/68 ºF

3 mm/min

CSA Z245.21-06, 300 g

Peel resistance 5 ºC/68 ºF

0 mm/min

CSA Z245.21-06, 300 g

UV/Weathering cycle test

Excellent 1000 hrs,
-30ºC to +70ºC
-22ºF to +158ºF

ASTM D4587-05

Wet adhesion test


Class 1 rating, cohesive fracture

 CSA Z245-20-06 Sec 12.14

 Cathodic Disbondment

< 3 mm, 30 days

 ASTM G8, 23ºC/74ºF

 Temperature range

 Temperature range ViscoWrap -42ºC to+70ºC/-43ºF to+158ºF
ViscoWrap HT +30ºC to+100ºC/+48ºF to+212ºF




No cracking

CAN Z45.20,12.11


70 mil-100 mil(total system)/2-3 mm

NACE SP 0188

Shear test

0.0009 mm/min top 0 mm bottom

Modified Alyeska Shear,
18.6 24 hours,
50 hrs: 0 mm kg load, 6.8 kg force