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InduMar Products, Inc. seeks to fill an Engineering Internship position for the summer of 2024

The Engineering Internship position will assist the Product Engineer and Chief Technology Director in the fabrication and testing of advanced composites and will explore materials structure-property relationships in developing new products. Exemplary duties will entail:

  • Conduct product development through sample fabrication and materials screening tests
  • Construct laboratory samples of composite products for testing and evaluation according to engineering standards
  • Commission, manage, record, and evaluate results of third-party materials/mechanical testing
  • Assist in engineering specification of InduMar products, interfacing with corporate engineers and certifying agencies/organizations
  • Fabricate prototype components and assemblies

The Engineering Internship is a full-time, paid position lasting the duration of the summer. To apply, please submit a cover letter and your resume documenting prior experience with materials fabrication and academic record through the link below.


Application for Employment

Please submit your application online with a cover letter and resume describing your prior experience and motivation for joining the InduMar team.


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